Commission: Design Underground exhibition, Benyamini gallery Tel Aviv.
photographer Ilan Amichai

Bypass is a system case study of water pipe fittings. Normally water system has very specific standards of fittings- 90, 45 and T shape angles allowing the pipe to move only in those angles. By using 3d printing for designing and producing the fittings we are no longer bound by the abilities and costs of metal industry. We can create alternative fittings according to how we wish the pipes will go and how we imagine the space to be. 
Each Bypass component can match excising metal or new printed parts.

A house is a living system providing our basic needs such as electricity, water and communication.
The nature of these systems reshaped and reconfigured throughout time due to changes in technology and culture. The progress in technology allow to re examining the relationship between a home system and the space it enables us to create. In this context 3d printing functions as a tool stretching existing standards and redefines them.

3D print as other technological developments reviles not only new abilities and techniques; the development process embodies new social, economical, cultural and political realities and visions. In current visions the standard which characterized modern industrial products and systems is about to change and with it our physical spaces and structures. A dedicated, semi industrial solution will take its place allowing flexibilities of systems, products and life surroundings.